What People are saying...

Listed below are quotes from a variety of people that Anna has worked with over the years. The people below represent most areas of the theater from Designers and Directors to Actors. 


Don Hill, Associate Producer, University of California


She is a born leader with a calm and effective management style. She is proven to be the stage manager who exudes "grace under fire."


Jakie Kopcsak, Dance Choreographer and Teacher 


Anna has demonstrated extraordinary leadership and interpersonal skills. She always comes to a production well organized and prepared, while at the same time being able to adapt and respond to the changing needs of any artist vision.


Tree O'Halloran, PSM The Guthrie Theater


Anna is bright, eager, well trained, exceedingly cheerful and detail oriented. She has a clear understanding of the stage manager’s role in the production and is quick to assess and then adapt to new circumstances.


Olivia Murphy, Actress


[Anna] is such an incredible stage manger. [Her] bubbly personality made working on a drama a lot more fun.


Stephen Bennett, Actor

[Anna] had such a jolly disposition, patience, professionalism, and enthusiasm throughout the rehearsal process


Josh Odessus-Rubin, Equity Actor

Honestly it is hard to imagine having a more perfect SM. So capable and on it, while being so sweet and constantly positive!


Olivia Allen, Actress

[Anna] is such and incredible stage manager! [She] is sweet and such a joy to work with!


Kaitlyn Kaufman, Costume Designer

[Anna] is a kickass stage manager and an awesome lady.


Elyse Montoya, Actress


[Anna is] hands down the BEST stage manager I have ever had the pleasure of working with. [She] got things done but always had a smile on her face.

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